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Saint Paul Upgrades and Renovations (SPUR) Project

Anyone who has visited the house lately has seen the need for significant renovations. Many alums have remarked that the house "looks just like it did when I lived there...except older." The last large-scale renovation was completed in the 60's, so everything from the windows to the electrical system to the kitchen is showing its age. Our once elegant chapter room is still charming, but somewhat dated and worn around the edges.

Project Milestones:

  • May 2002: Hired General Contractor Gordon Hughes of The Nelson Companies
  • November 15, 2001: Brookline Preservation Commission approves external modifications!
  • June 9, 2001: The project is announced at the annual barbecue!
  • November 2000: Hired Architect Gary Wolf
  • Every year, members of the fraternity have painted, plastered, and generally repaired the house during work week. Additionally, our corporation has undertaken incremental upgrades, such as safety improvement, re-roofing, and rebuilding the porch. But these efforts can no longer keep pace with the scale of renovations which are needed. The currently planned renovations are needed to restore the property's visual appeal and bring the house up to current health and safety codes. We know that ET offers students a great opportunity to live in a caring environment, learn about trust and responsibility, and make friendships that last a lifetime. But while these intangibles are the real strength of the house, the physical structure is a visible reflection of the fraternity.

    History of the Chapter House | Project summary | The architects

    259 Saint Paul St

    Project Summary

    Project timeline: Summer 2002

    Architect: Gary Wolf Architects, Inc.
    General Contractor: The Nelson Companies
        Project Manager: Gordon Hughes
        Site Supervisor: Jon Iddings

    Estimated Costs: $700,000

    • Interior work (electrical, kitchen, bathrooms, floors): $375,000

    • Exterior work (foundation, windows, siding): $175,000

    • Architect, general contractor, miscellaneous: $150,000
    Work week

    Top Ten Projects

    • Completely renovate the Chapter Room, including removing the drop ceiling, replacing the walls with real wood panelling and sheetrock, and restoring the fireplace.

    • Restore front door frame and windows, including the leaded glass window over the front door.

    • Renovate, update and optimize the kitchen. Expand the kitchen to include the area that is now Cook's Porch pending town approval.

    • Replace interior wallboard and insulate the exterior walls to greatly improve the energy efficiency of the house.

    • Replace or refurbish deteriorating windows and restore storm windows to increase energy efficiency and security.

    • Replace parquet flooring with strip oak.

    • Renovate Guest Head to make it handicap-accessible.

    • Renovate Women's Head and optimize use of the space.

    • Electrical, plumbing and lighting upgrades.

    • Repair foundation where mortar is crumbling.