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Epsilon Theta Corporation, Inc.

259 Saint Paul Street, Brookline, MA 02446

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Weekly Construction Update

The Campaign for 259

Epsilon Theta needs your help. We are launching a major fundraising campaign to finance the renovations of the Epsilon Theta chapter house. The Campaign for 259 is an opportunity for all alumni to bring the unparalleled living and learning environment of Etheta to future generations.

Throughout our chapter's history, the Corporation has rarely asked our alumni for donations. It is only after serious deliberation that we do so at this time. We embark on this campaign with the support of many alumni/ae, who have volunteered their time and effort to ensure the success of this undertaking. With your support, we can make 259 St. Paul Street an even better home for our fraternity.

Saint Paul Upgrades and Renovations

The Etheta Corporation is about to undertake the first major renovation of the chapter house in nearly 40 years. After providing a home to hundreds of students, the house is showing its age. The SPUR project will replace windows in the house, repair the foundation, modernize the electrical system, and restore the house's historic grandeur.

Renovations make sense for the Fraternity. The Corporation considered relocation, but rejected it as impractical for political, economic, and sentimental reasons. Future generations of Thetans will benefit from a functional, comfortable living space they can be proud of. The renovations will also reduce future costs to the chapter and Corporation through increased energy efficiency and fewer emergency maintenance expenses. Additionally, the chapter will gain a competitive edge in recruiting new members.

We look forward to the next 80 years at 259 St. Paul Street.