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SPUR Project Summary

The SPUR Top Ten

  • Utility upgrade

    Electrical and plumbing systems in the house will be upgraded. The electrical system needs to be upgraded to support the current computer load. Additionally, lighting will be improved around the house. The plumbing system is showing its age and needs to be replaced to avoid expensive repairs that we have had to make in recent years.

  • Refurbish/Replace windows

    All the windows in the house will be either refurbished or replaced to tighten them up, increasing energy efficiency. Storm windows will also be added or replaced.

  • Renovate the Chapter Room

    The Chapter Room will be completely renovated, including removing the drop ceiling, replacing the walls with real wood panelling and sheetrock, and restoring the fireplace.

  • Renovate the Kitchen

    The kitchen and equipment will be completely redone and brought up to current codes. Use of the space will be optimized. We may expand the kitchen to include the area that is now Cook's Porch to increase kitchen space, depending on cost and town approval.

  • Renovate Women's Head

    Women's head will be completely redone and use of the space will be optimized. Ventilation will also be improved.

  • Replace parquet flooring

    Current parquet flooring is coming unglued around the house. It will be replaced with strip oak.

  • Restore front door

    The front door frame and windows have deteriorated over the years. They will be restored along with the leaded glass window over the front door.

  • Renovate Guest Head

    Guest Head will be renovated to be made handicap-accessible.

  • Foundation repairs

    The mortar in the foundation is crumbling and needs to be replaced.

  • Insulation

    While we replace walls, we will insulate the exterior walls of the house. This, along with the windows, will greatly improve the energy efficiency of the house.

In addtion to the top ten, here are some other projects we are undertaking:
  • Dorm ventilation

    Now that the windows are kept closed in the dorm and it is heated, air circulation needs to be improved there.

  • Roof over back door to Pit

    We will be installing a small roof over the sunken stairs into the Pit from the back lot to help prevent the occasional flooding of the Pit.

  • Fire escape maintenance

    The fire escape needs some maintenance work to keep it safe going forward.

  • Fix/replace walls and ceilings

    Walls and ceilings in the house have been showing their age faster than can be fixed during workweeks. They will be replaced or repaired as needed.

  • Replace Pit flooring

    The floor in the pit needs to be replaced.

  • Gutter repairs

    Some of the gutters and downspouts need some repair and rehanging.

  • Rain cap for chimney

    A cap needs to be installed over the chimney to prevent weather damage to the chimney.

  • Replace personal room furniture (completed)

    The dressers (armadillos), meese (wardrobes) and elephants (shelving units) have been replaced.