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SPUR Weekly Update!

Updated September 3, 2002

Renovations are underway! Check back every Wednesday for an update on the construction along with progress photos! Previous weeks' photos and updates are included as part of the SPUR photo diary. The full diary will be available on CD at the end of the project.

Check out the new historic artifact section in the diary that highlights some of the historic elements uncovered during the construction. Our very own urban archaeology project.

My apologies for not captioning pictures. If you have trouble identifying what the picture shows, the picture file names are fairly descriptive.

What's happened this past week

Work is rushing towards completion, though we will likely not be able to move in this weekend as planned.

The kitchen, the dining room, and the phone hall were wallboarded and skim coated. Women's Head and the pit rooms were boarded, also. The personal rooms were painted and basically finished off (and furniture mostly moved into place). The kitchen floor was tiled. Men's head was skim coated and the walls mostly tiled. The space under front stairs was filled in. The front porch railing was started. The new fire alarm box was installed. Some finishing electrical work was done.

What's happening this coming week

Hallways and first floor will be painted. New hardwood floors will be installed. Kitchen drop ceiling, counters, and appliances will be installed. Finishing plumbing work starts as rooms are finished off. Second floor personal rooms will be completed. Men's Head and the kitchen will be completed. The Pit and Women's Head will get tiled. Finishing electrical work will follow the painters. More moving in will happen as space becomes available.

Pictures from this past week

Men's Head skim coated and tiled:

Women's Head and pit rooms boarded:

Front stairs work and closet in library:

Guest Head boarded and skimmed:

Kitchen skim coated:

and Tiled:

Dining room skim coated:

Front porch railing work:

Moving in:

Lights on the second floor:

Dorm vent fan:

Phone Hall ceiling boarded:

Front window partially installed:

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