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SPUR Weekly Update!

Updated August 6, 2002

Renovations are underway! Check back every Wednesday for an update on the construction along with progress photos! Previous weeks' photos and updates are included as part of the SPUR photo diary. The full diary will be available on CD at the end of the project.

Check out the new historic artifact section in the diary that highlights some of the historic elements uncovered during the construction. Our very own urban archaeology project.

My apologies for not captioning pictures. If you have trouble identifying what the picture shows, the picture file names are fairly descriptive.

What's happened this past week

The second floor wired including a new subpanel. Women's Head was partially framed and some more framing happened in Guest Head. A lot of exterior work was completed. Rotted siding was removed and new siding replaced. The exterior was power washed to prepare for painting. More window sashes have been repaired.

The MAAB hearing was on Monday and the results were not good. The board was very skeptical of us just providing accessibility on the first floor and nowhere else. They wanted to see more. However, instead of denying our application, they're allowing us to revise it and resubmit it next week. In general, this means they are going to require us to have an elevator of some sort. It may only have to travel between two floors and not through all four. We are seeking to not have to comply for a few years to give us a chance to figure out how to handle the requirement. Additionally we will explore our options to appeal the ruling. However, at the moment we are concentrating on getting the house ready to be occupied.

What's happening this coming week

Women's head showers and guest head tub will be installed. Another under-the-pit-floor steam pipe will be replaced. Rough plumbing and electrical inspection will happen allowing walls to be closed up. New stairs should be here sometime next week. Exterior work will continue and painting will be done.

Pictures from this past week

Women's Head framing:

Guest Head framing:

Second floor wiring:

Exterior work:

New chimney cap:

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