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SPUR Weekly Update!

Updated July 23, 2002

Renovations are underway! Check back every Wednesday for an update on the construction along with progress photos! Previous weeks' photos and updates are included as part of the SPUR photo diary. The full diary will be available on CD at the end of the project.

Check out the new historic artifact section in the diary that highlights some of the historic elements uncovered during the construction. Our very own urban archaeology project.

My apologies for not captioning pictures. If you have trouble identifying what the picture shows, the picture file names are fairly descriptive.

What's happened this past week

A new subfloor was installed in the kitchen. Soffits to hide kitchen pipes were started. Sprinkler work was completed. Electrical work continued on the first floor with hooking circuits up to the new sub-panel and work started on replacing the damaged electrical feed to the second floor. The first set of repaired window sashes were completed and more were taken away to be worked on. The wall framing for Guest Head was removed and a new wall started to accomodate the bath tub being installed to meet expected MAAB rules.

The plumbing inspector has okayed the underground plumbing with a couple of minor changes.

Behind the scenes, work on the new staircase and porch railings are nearing completion. They will be ready to go in a couple of weeks.

What's happening this coming week

Guest head framing work continues. The floor of Women's Head will be filled, poured, and framed in. Electrical work continues on the first and second floor. Rough plumbing and electrical inspections will likely happen next week, after which walls start to be closed up and the pace of work will quicken immensely.

Pictures from this past week

New kitchen subfloor:

New soffit in kitchen:

Windows in and out:

New sprinkler valve and Men's Head drain:

Repaired steam pipe and new electrical wiring:

Reframing Guest Head and Kitchen fan demo:

Work on a new electrical feed to the second floor and hiding a sprinkler line:

A present from work week 1993:

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